Neti & Nasya: Old-Timey Sinus Relief for Allergy Season

May 5, 2014 at 5:49 pm / by
by Dahlia Shaaban

In recent years, the neti pot – a device used in Ayurvedic medicine to manually irrigate the sinus cavities – has become increasingly become popular in alternative health circles.  Even touted on Oprah, the neti pot is shown to be be effective in relieving chronic sinus issues, as it flushes out bacteria, allergens, and other irritants that create allergies or chronic sinusitis.

However, as renowned Ayurvedic doctor John Doulliard explains, the neti ritual is only complete with its counterpart nasya ritual, an application of warm oil, usually oregano or sesame oil, to the inside of the nostrils.  The saline rinse of neti pot on its own without the application of oil can dry out the sinuses,  causing the body’s mucus production to compensate and go into overdrive trying to lubricate the lining of the nostrils.  The complete irrigating and lubrication process has been proven to be more effective than medicating.  And really- how exciting is that?! This can be your spring to enjoy all that is bloom, naturally allergy-free!

Dahlia Shaaban is a Nutriton Coach and Thai Bodyworker with Pekoe


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