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by Dalila Adams
Life Coach, Energy Healer & Meditation Teacher





Becoming aware of the words you use and realizing the power of words can be a life transforming adventure.   Here’s one example of how profoundly effective words can be:

“Years ago I met a lady in a class I was teaching. I saw her going through the motions of the yoga/meditation class, but the sadness and anxiety were obvious.  After class I quietly went up to her to see if I could help.   She explained she was going through a very nasty divorce and her husband was berating her on a daily basis.  Her self-esteem was obviously very low.  I walked her over to the mirror and asked her to look at herself and say the words “I am beautiful and I deserve to be treated kindly.” She started to cry and looked away and said she couldn’t possibly say that because she didn’t believe it.  I told her it’s okay if you don’t believe it now, but please just do this every day, keep trying and even if you don’t believe it say it out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror.

I didn’t see her after that for several months.  Then, while on line to grab a quick lunch at a local café, she saw me.   I didn’t recognize her.  She looked radiant as she shouted out my name and, in front a quite a line of people, grabbed and hugged me.  She said (quite loudly I might add) that she worked on the task I gave her every day and for the longest time it was very hard but she kept at it. She thanked me profusely and said that she really likes herself now. The transformation was absolutely astounding.  Words, she didn’t believe them at first, but the words she was saying eventually changed her truth, her perception of herself.”   

Words create.  Keep saying what you want to create.  Keep saying them until you believe them.  Words can be magic.  Know what Abracadabra means?  It’s from the Aramaic phrase avra kehdabra, meaning, “I will create as I speak”.

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Go to a mirror right now look at your Self straight in the eyes and say to Your Self:


You may not believe it, or only believe your have limited power, that does not matter.  By saying it to Your Self and looking at You, you start on the road to create the change in you, in believing it.  Say it OUT LOUD.  Say it with conviction. Say it with a smile.

Sounds simple right?  Well it is and it is not.  But the more you do this, the more you will change and become powerful within yourself.  There may be feelings of doubt, of anger, of frustration, sadness, etcetera that come up. Do not worry about those feelings right now.  Just say it, louder, stronger, with more conviction.

You are a Powerful Being.  The obstacles in your way are you not knowing just how powerful we are.  That is the case with every single one of us.  It’s a simple exercise to say it to your Self every day and try to see it with belief.  You will begin to believe it more and more with each day as you see the change this one statement to your Self begins to create.  You will start believing in your Self.  And that is the first thing that every successful person has to do.  Believe in one Self.  This is the way.

Every successful person believes she/he is powerful.  No question.  This is your week’s assignment.  Do it every day, at least once a day.

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