Baton Rouge Disaster Relief

August 22, 2016 at 8:30 pm / by

by Pooja, a Pekoe client, Baton Rouge native, and all-around awesome gal.


All – Most of you know that my hometown of Baton Rouge (and surrounding areas) had some devastating floods last week.  Not from national news coverage, but you’ve picked it up from somewhere else that wasn’t 24 hours of Ryan Lochte.

40,000 households are displaced.  So heartbreaking – and it isn’t going to be fixed fast.

I was reminded today that I have sweet friends here in DC, and across the nation, who are not from Louisiana but want to give in some way – cash, items, etc.  I have pulled the list below together.  NO pressure at all, especially since I won’t actually know if you give unless you tell me.  Feel free to forward this.


  1. A childhood friend who recently moved back to Baton Rouge has pulled together this wish list on Amazon.
  2. One of the area hospitals, Woman’s Hospital, has this wishlist.
  3. For those of you who went to Baton Rouge High with me, this gofundme has been set up to help students.
  4. And an option to adopt a family:
  5. I started this Flood Relief fund:

For more background on what’s going on in Louisiana:
The Advocate of BR & Times Picayune of NOLA have done an excellent job of chronicling the facts, the response, the human (and animal) stories, and the call to action. If you have a second, check out what’s been going on.…/why-the-deadly-louisia…/

If you want to donate to a relief organization:…/article_ef842346-630e-11e6-b55…


Some friends and friends of friends also have coordinated a few uhauls going from the DC area to Baton Rouge, and they are looking for the following (I’ve combined a few lists, so please bear with repeats). The truck(s) will begin heading down the first week of September so let’s talk soon.
NOTE: If you are interested in donating items, it would help if you can box or bag and label clearly what you are giving, i.e. baby clothes 6 months. Etc.
Let me know if you are interested in this – I can get you in touch with my friends if you live closer to them, or get you to drop off to my house if you live closer to me. (Drop off at Pekoe or we’ll put you in touch with Pooja!)

cleaning supplies
first aid supplies
diapers of all sizes (including adult)
toilet paper
paper towels
baby wipes
baby formula
flip flops
all toiletries
feminine products
hand sanitizer
box fans
combs and hair brushes
bulk snacks
bath towels
paper plates and cups
trash bags
bedding and pillows
latex gloves
toys and kid games
art supplies
socks and underwear
pens and pencils
baby clothes
baby formula
any clothes
backpacks, school supplies

Apparel: Shoes, Socks, Intimates
Hygiene/Personal Care: *No water* needed toiletries, Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant. toothbrush, toothpaste), Toilet Paper, Antibacterial/Sanitizer, Feminine Products, Adult Diapers / Incontinence Supplies, Aloe
Baby: Diapers (size NB-5), Baby Wipes, Formula, Baby Food, Baby Toiletries (body wash, lotion, powder), Bottles, Pacifiers
Pet Care: Dog & Cat Food, Cat Litter
Pharmacy: Masks, Rubber Gloves, Basic First Aid Items, OTC Medicines
Office Products: School supplies, Classroom Materials, Backpacks/Booksacks
Storage: Ziplocs, Reusable Bags, Storage Boxes/Containers
Bed & Bath: Pillows, Pillow Cases, Blankets, Towels
Food/Beverage: Non-perishable Food Items; Bottled Water; Boost/Ensure, Energy Bars
Cleaning: Buckets, Mops, General Cleaning Products, Bleach
Electronics: Phone Chargers (iPhone, Android)
Miscellaneous: Mosquito Repellent



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