How Does Pekoe do it? 

You may have seen pictures of Pekoe and its staff on social media but have you ever been on a tour of Pekoe or checked out all of its accessibility features? In this post we take time to tell you a bit more about the awesome healing space that we work in everyday!


As with anywhere in DC, always check the parking signs, but there are stretches of street parking near the center which are free on Sundays and metered the other days of the week. Should you have trouble finding parking, there is a garage across the street for the Giant food store on 8th and O St, which will validate for up to 2 hours with a purchase.

We are also right next to a wide-open alleyway that allows for smooth drop-offs and pick-ups. If you need to be dropped off or if you need more room to maneuver towards the front door, we recommend using the extra space that the alley provides.


There is a metal ramp leading to our front stoop, but there is a small bump as the ramp connects to the threshold of the door, where there is another bump.

Our front door opening is about 33-34 inches, as is the narrowest walkway in the center (without moving furniture). Our interior doors to the treatment rooms are about 31 inches.

There is a main level and a downstairs level within Pekoe. Guests can be treated on either level. Two of our treatment rooms are upstairs, and three are downstairs. We have a stairwell chair lift to go downstairs, or with advance notice can reserve an upstairs room for your treatment. Please arrive to your appointment 15 minutes early so that we have enough time to get you comfortably into your treatment room before your appointment would begin.

Pekoe has hardwood flooring throughout both to top and bottom floors with area rugs throughout the space.

Most treatment rooms have ADA approved treatment tables that lower, raise, and incline to accommodate your comfort level. All treatment tables on the main floor are ADA approved and most treatment tables on the bottom floor are ADA approved. If you would like to learn more about the tables we use, please give us a call.

The treatment tables are all heated. Please let us know if you will need heat or if you would like the heat to be turned off during your visit.

We have a walker that is available for use as well as a companion wheelchair.

Our upstairs bathroom is equipped with grab rails on one side of the toilet. We have a temporary grab rail for the other side, and if you need it we will affix it to the wall for you prior to your visit.

The doorways, main walkways, and upstairs bathroom are all wheelchair accessible and clear to move through.

If you need any help getting on or off the table please let us know.


Pekoe hosts many different kinds of plants as well as incense and the occasional burning of sage or palo santo. The practitioners within Pekoe also use hypoallergenic, high quality, therapeutic essential oils during their treatments.

Only service animals allowed.


We can supply translators with a week’s advance notice. If you book an appointment for yourself or on the behalf of someone else and would need a translator please give us a week’s notice so that we can prepare. If you make an appointment let us know as soon as you can if you need any accommodations during your visit. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call at our front desk number (202) 408-4858.


Your acupuncture therapist will likely need to shift your clothing to access your arms, legs, and/or torso. So, we generally recommend clothing that is loose, comfortable to rest in, and easy to slide or roll up for access. Separates and layers tend to work better than rompers, thick clothing, or long sleeves. However, if the clothing does not allow sufficient access, your therapist will provide a robe or gown for you to change into. (For massage, you will be disrobing to your comfort level.)


We make every effort to be as accessible as possible, but we are in an older building and its design can pose some challenges. Emailing us ahead of your appointment at with any specific accommodations you might need is really helpful!

Trouble getting started?  

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Please make sure you read and understand our Cancelation Policy:

To ensure fairness for our practitioners and other clients, we ask for 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Canceling or rescheduling within 24 hours of your appointment time, or missing the appointment, will result in a late cancelation fee of half the appointment value - discounts and insurance coverage do not apply. We may make exceptions for emergencies or illness, but encourage you to think ahead and give us as much advance notice as possible. Cancelling via email or phone message is acceptable even outside of business hours. Thanks for your cooperation!
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