There is no fasting during this program, however there is a restricted diet.

Why Detox?

We are exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals from our air, water and food supplies. Although our bodies detox as a natural function, an accumulation of these toxins can create a total toxic overload. When this happens, our natural process of detoxification, which is performed mainly by the liver, becomes less efficient and symptoms may occur. These symptoms can include weight gain or loss, digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches, constipation, fatigue, skin conditions, joint pain, poor concentration, and irritability.

This program can provide you with

– Healthy Weight Loss
– Increased Energy
– Anti-Aging Effects
– Vibrant and Clear Skin
– Peaceful Sleep
– Reduction of Allergic Symptoms
– Mental Clarity

The Program

This Detox Program is a comprehensive 14 day program that combines physical and mental components to nourish your body, mind and spirit. It is designed to naturally cleanse and harmoniously bring your body back into balance.

What’s Included

– 2 one-hour educational and support group sessions

– Attendance is mandatory for the first meeting.

– All Detoxification Supplements for the duration of the program (cleanse, detox , dairy-free protein/multivitamin/meal supplement, digestive enzymes) All supplements are vegan.

– All-Natural Meal Replacements (14 days, 1-2 meals/day). You will also be able to eat certain foods for the duration of the program. This is not a fasting detoxification.

– All course materials including recipes, grocery lists, menus, etc.

Total cost for the program is $200.


A $100 deposit is required to hold your place in the program. The balance must be paid by the start of the program.

No refunds for missed meetings. All fees must be paid for by the start of the program.