In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means “to yoke” or “to unite”. With the physical practice of yoga,
you are uniting breath and movement, mind, body, and spirit, or the individual self with the
universal Self. At its core, yoga is an integrative practice in which we are all seekers.

There are substantial physical and emotional benefits from the regular practice of yoga. Regular
practice leads to improved strength and flexibility and improved balance and posture. Other
benefits include the natural reduction of stress, and an increased ability to effectively manage
stress when it occurs. Regular yoga practice can also bring improved concentration and mood,
improved circulation and improved health of the heart and pulmonary system.

All yoga seeks to tap in, self-heal, and transcend. By connecting to the flow of energy around
and within us, we are able to live consciously and deliberately. Yoga is an opportunity to
celebrate the connections between our hearts, minds and bodies as well as the connections
that we have to each other and our environment. Finding stillness within the difficulty (of life
or of asana) is the key to cultivating joy. Asana is about creating space and taking a seat, one
which will create the possibility for full engagement in life.


Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are intended for individual clients who would like to expand their practice
or dig deeper into specific asanas or modifications. Sessions can be vinyasa-focused, or can
explore other types, such as yin, gentle, or therapeutic yoga.


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is designed to support pregnant women as their bodies change to accommodate
the growing child. It is beneficial for both new and advanced practitioners. Whether you are
learning asana for the first time or if you would like to modify an existing yoga practice to fit
your pregnancy, our instructors can help. When practiced gently and safely, yoga can be an
asset in reducing physical and emotional pregnancy-related discomfort. Prenatal yoga can also
offer exercises to help prepare for and ease the labor and delivery of babies. These include
vocal toning, postures, and supported partner-based movement.

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