Acupuncture & TCM


    Relieve pain, strengthen the immune system, and promote the balance, harmony and integration of the functions of all bodily organs.


    TCM has been in practice for over 2,000 years of recorded history. Through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and modalities such as gua sha, tui na, cupping, and moxabustion, TCM takes a natural and supportive approach to bringing the body back into balance.

    An acupuncture treatment considers all aspects of the human body, physical ailments, the emotional state of the patient, the individual spirit and the sort of lifestyle that the patient chooses to lead.

    Do I Need Acupuncture?

    The three main objectives of Acupuncture treatments are pain relief, strengthening the immune system, and promoting the balance, harmony and integration of the functions of all bodily organs.

    Back Pain


    Labor Induction

    Chronic Pain

    Autoimmune Disorders




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    What to Expect on Your First Visit & Our FAQ’s

    Plan to spend 90 minutes here for your first acupuncture treatment to allow for a full discussion of your health history. Follow up visits are 1 hour. If you would like to use insurance for your visit, please visit the New Patient page and complete the correct insurance form for your provider. Please plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete your intake paperwork if you did not complete the full New Patient process.

    Does my insurance cover acupuncture treatments?

    We can bill acupuncture treatments directly to select insurance carriers. Your benefits will depend on your specific plan.

    To avoid being charged at the time of service, please provide us with all your insurance information prior to your first visit. Once we submit a request for information, we should have an answer within 3 business days.

    What insurance providers does Pekoe work with?

    Participating providers are:

    Nicole Mires: Carefirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    Andrei Stoica: Carefirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    Jamee Pineda: Carefirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    Minchu Chen: Carefirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Aetna

    Noah Samuels: Carefirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Aetna

    To Request Insurance Eligibility please visit our New Patient page for further details

    Do you offer TCM Herbs or supplements?

    We only recommend supplements as part of a comprehensive treatment plan and do not sell them without an appointment over the counter. Ask your acupuncturist about herbs at your next visit!

    What should I wear to my appointment?

    Your acupuncturist will likely need to shift your clothing to access your arms, legs, and/or torso, so we generally recommend clothing that is loose, comfortable to rest in, and easy to slide or roll up for access. Separates and layers tend to work better than rompers, thick clothing, or long sleeves. However, if your clothing does not allow sufficient access, your therapist will provide a robe or gown for you to change into. 

    “My primary reason for coming to Pekoe was to try to find some relief physically, and then (I found) a lot of relief spiritually and emotionally happening at the same time, which was not something that I was expecting or actively looking for... and then realizing as it was happening that was something that I was just desperately missing and needing” -MS

    “I can do this because it always feels so safe even when I'm having a difficult day.” -JB

    "It was part of me saying to myself 'I'm worth taking care of'." -JB

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    Please make sure you read and understand our Cancelation Policy:

    To ensure fairness for our practitioners and other clients, we ask for 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Canceling or rescheduling within 24 hours of your appointment time, or missing the appointment, will result in a late cancelation fee of half the appointment value - discounts and insurance coverage do not apply. We may make exceptions for emergencies or illness, but encourage you to think ahead and give us as much advance notice as possible. Cancelling via email or phone message is acceptable even outside of business hours. Thanks for your cooperation!
    I Understand The Cancelation Policy

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    COVID-19 Update

    Pekoe is open ONLY for Essential Acupuncture Services!
    Massage therapy and yoga instruction is suspended until further notice. 
    Essential visits treat any non-emergency condition that is affecting quality of life enough to motivate you to seek support. Our goal is to support your health and take even just the tiniest bit of pressure off the medical system as it is responding to increased emergency needs. 

    Examples of essential visits: 
    • You’re so panicked that you’re blowing through your Xanax at record speed. 
    • You haven’t slept in four days, and you know that sleep is one of the best things for immunity! 
    • Your back pain is so severe that you’re about to engage in an illegal activity in order to procure a remedy. 
    • Your allergies are so severe that you’re worried about an opportunistic infection... and you didn’t even get to enjoy the cherry blossoms. (We have a poster!) 
    • Your regular treatments for symptoms from Crohn's are vital to keeping you out of the hospital. 

    **Essential does NOT mean life-threatening emergency. Please go to the emergency room in that case. 

    We are also offering 30-minute virtual appointments to provide support and self-care recommendations if you prefer not to come in person. You may book online or by contacting us.  To reduce the possibility of transmission of infection, Pekoe is sanitizing the clinic on regular intervals and in-between clients, as well as spraying down treatment rooms, wait areas, and bathrooms.
    Please stay home if you have fever or a cough. If you aren’t sure if you should come in, please contact us to evaluate if in-person treatment is appropriate, and discuss any necessary precautions.